Review: Lemon Meringue Pie Lip Scrub from SkinCafe India

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I'm super pumped up today, I will be talking about a very important lip care product --> Lip Scrubs!

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So, Today I bring you

Review of Lemon Meringue Pie Lip Scrub from SkinCafe

About the Brand

- They make absolutely fresh products using natural ingredients
- They create the products after the order is made, unlike other companies where products are bottled for a long time.
- Meaning, the products are created especially for the client. 
-Unlike other companies where preservatives are used as they are stored in ware houses for a long time, SkinCafe prepares the products freshly for a specific client.

More details available on their website

(I remember, I was told that my products would be delivered after some time. I was curious as to why and thought may be due to busy schedule this delay was there. But now I feel so much better & Happy to know that my product was prepared freshly and especially for me. I appreciate this approach by the company!!)

Lets get on with the Review......

It looks like this..

Price: INR 950 for 9gm

Use: Within 3 months of Hand-crafting Date


  • It comes in a cute white and light green box, with the Skin Cafe logo on top
  • On the inside, sits a Tub of Lip Scrub of glass container
  • The Lip Scrub is made of glass container, and has the flavour name on top and details at the back.

I was also sent a card which has a list of all products, all variants of the products, name of the client(me), company details and few instructions. 
I really liked this card, it made me feel special (yay!!)

  • The lip Scrub is made of fine particles, Since this variant is Lemon Meringue Pie, the colour is yellow.
  • The texture is fine and particles stick to each other.
  • It has a sweet fragrance, and a sweet taste
  • The container is made of glass so have to be careful while carrying so that it doesn't break.

My thoughts

Before using this lip Scrub
  • The product will be very harsh on my lips
  • When I opened the product and saw that the particles were very fine I thought --> This is not going to work,I wont even feel the Exfoliation
  • I must use water to use the srub
  • All this will leave my lips very dry

After using this lip Scrub
  • The product was not at all harsh on my lips
  • The fine particles exfoliated my lips thoroughly, not too harsh, not mildly, in a perfect way
  • The lip Scrub is made in such a way that you don't need water or any liquid to use it, it provides good exfoliation and moisturization
  • Surprisingly, My lips felt more pink, fresh and moisturised.

Honestly, This Lip scrub has been a staple product in my beauty regime!!
I use it EVERY SINGLE WEEK, at least twice without fail!!
I have been benefited a lot, not only are my lips softer, smoother but also less dark.

  • Hand crafted and made especially for you (It is nice to see this approach compared to chemically preserved bottled products)
  • Use of fresh Ingredients
  • Attractive packaging
  • Many many many variants available (very interesting, tempting variants available)
  • Serves its purpose - Exfoliation
  • Quantity is more

  • Some may not prefer glass container, must be careful while using
  • Quite Expensive as compared to other similar products
  • Best to use within 3 month only (May not be a con for some)

Bottom line
  • For people who don't mind splurging on products, this is the Best option from my opinion. 
  • The PROS are more than CONS. 
  • Freshly Hand crafted products, made after order especially for client, what more do we want?
There are soooo many variants available in tempting flavours...
It is hard to control yourself when you see such delicious treats for your skin!!

SkinCafe also creates Lip Tint Balms, Lip butter and lip care Combos....head to their website to check them out!!

*What are your views on this product?
 Do comment to let me know!!

****Samples received for PR purpose but it is a Honest Review****