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Today's post is going to be Review of a very popular Skincare Product!

How many times has it been, that we had to pick separate products as Mask, Scrub and Cleanser for our Skin Care Routine?
Isn't it Tedious to analyse and pick out products that Suit and Work for us?

What if I tell you, there is a product which is 3-in-1 , and can be used as Mask, Scrub and a Cleanser?
Sounds pretty Awesome right?

The product is "3 in 1 Mud Ash" by GreenBerry Organics
This product has taken the market by the storm, so much that it was marked as a Best Seller on Amazon

This is how it looks

Price - INR 499
Shelf Life - 12 Months, To be Used in 6 months after Opening


It comes in a Simple, Hassle free Packaging
The tub has brief Information printed, Indicating it's a 3 in 1 Product and meant for Face
The Product is small enough to carry around in purses, pouches etc
So, it is travel friendly - Yay!
All details on the packaging are crisp and clear to Understand

Please find more details in Pictures Below


It smells a little chemical - y which I think fits the Theme.
If it Smelled flowery, it would have spoilt the theme of Mud Ash.
The fragrance is not strong and you won't feel it after product applied on Face.


It has an Ashy colour and comes in a thick Paste like Texture with tiny particles mixed into it.
These particles will help in exfoliation when the product is used as a Scrub.


It is super easy to apply and stings a little, but it means Mud Ash is doing its Magic
I love that this product does not stick to the face Tightly and Suck the moisture out of the face.
It is light on the skin, you can even smile without cringing in pain.
I also noticed that, it is very easy to remove this Mask after it has dried.
I usually need time to remove Masks that stick to the skin, but this once comes off easily.


Skin feels very very clean after using this product.
I remember sitting in front of the mirror after using this product, and my skin was Shining.
I wondered how was my face shining because I don't have Oily Skin
When I ran my hand on my Face, it slipped.
Yes, my hand slipped from my face : My skin was soo smooth and did not have bumps, boils which I usually have.
This Smoothness lasted for THREE days.

My suggestions for the Brand

Since this product is a little Expensive for the Quantity of the product,
I would suggest to make products with less Quantity and lesser price.
Also, it becomes easy to empty the product within Six months when Tub is Small.

Overall, I love this product.
It is Easy to use, does not suck Moisture and make skin feel super dry.
Also, Cleanses face very well.

I would say, it is a Must have in our Skin are Routine.

What are you thoughts about this product?
Do let me know in Comments Below!

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Hey Y'all
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Today's Post is going to be on Home Decor / Interior Decoration.
I don't know about you people - I can spend hours surfing through Drool worthy Decor Pics!!

Pinterest and Tumblr are so much Home Decor #Goals, I can't even tell you! 
A lot goes on into Interior/Home Decor, from Fabrics, Furniture, Lighting to Faux Plants, Show Pieces and Candles - Home decor is Vast.

Today I will be talking about Candles.

I stumbled upon a Brand on Instagram, which specializes in Handmade Candles used for Decor Purpose.
These Candles not only are Uniquely Beautiful, each one of them come with a Story.

Let me Introduce you to :  Chimera Candles

About the Brand

Chimera Candles, Combines the love for Literature, Music and Travel along with relevant Social Issues mixed with wax to create one of Kind Candles.
Each candle is Unique and has a Theme or a Certain Inspiration.

For Example : There is this Series of Candles called Sunken City based on the Impact of Global Warming and how certain cities like Venice will soon be submerged under Water.

Ingredients used

Primarily Gel Wax and Sometimes Paraffin Wax.
Along with these - Plastic Miniatures, Accessories from Wood, Paper, Decorative Stones are added.

Variety of Products

Majority of the Candles are made from Gel Wax as it allows much more room for Experimentation as compared to other kinds of Wax.
However, Master pieces have been made using Paraffin Wax combined with Gel Wax as well.

Do we Burn them or Not?

Gel wax is Safe to burn, but it depends on the materials used inside the Candle also.
Candle can be Burnt if the Pebbles and Stones are used.
If Plastic, Wood or Paper is used, the Candle can only be used for Decorative Purposes.

Now that all the Important info is covered, let's get on to the part where we talk about how beautiful they look.

I have two Masterpieces with me to show case to you....

Beauty in Magenta

This piece depicts the life of a Caterpillar, which gets transformed in to Butterfly instantly, without any wait.
The wait time is skipped and makes the observer wonder - what would have happened if the same is applied in real world?
Beautiful Flowers, pebbles sure make up the theme.

Mini Candle in Yellow

Depicts the childhood memories of every adult, nostalgia hits recalling memories of going to school, spending quality time with parents, Playing with pets etc
The hustle and bustle of the real world is well showcased.

Aren't these beauties Intriguing?
They definitely urge us to take a break and dwell in the beauty of life - Also, they look good in every angle!

So, head on to Chimera Candle's Instagram Page and get lost in the World of Beauty and Thoughtfulness.

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Hey Everyone!!
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Today's post is about a product I'm loving lately, a beautiful product filled with Innovation

The Product is the Newly Launched "Gillette Venus Breeze Razor"

I have always opted for Shaving as it is hassle free, can be done all by yourself as opposed to going to the salon to get Waxing done.
So, being the Lazy person I am, I always like the Flexibility shaving gives.

Now before moving on to the Post

Do check out - Busting Shaving Myths - Here
All about  #SubscribeToSmooth Event by Gillette Venus - Here

Gillette launched its Lavender coloured Venus Breeze Razor which is one step ahead of its Previous Blue Razor in terms of Innovation

Following are the Features of the New Venus Breeze Razor


Gillette has made shaving experience easier by adding Gel bars to the Razor Itself!
No need to remind ourselves to Pack the Shaving Gel anymore, The Razor + Gel bars combo makes shaving possible with just Water!

Gel Bars

These gel bars provide all the needed Lubrication to maintain smoothness of the Skin.
They are made of Body butters (Olive, Avocado and Kokum) and Glycerine to help retain Skin Moisture and are activated by Water.

Pivoting Rounded Head with 3 Blades

This design hugs curves and fits easily in to Hard-to-Shave Areas.
Also the flexible body of the Razor makes it's easy to shave even when you are in a Hurry.

Don't miss out on the Efficiency of the New Venus Breeze Razor!
It is very cool that just a Razor is enough to have Smooth and Quick hair Removal Process!

All about the Product

The Package Looks like this

The Razor body and Head (Blade + Gel Bars) come separately

This is how the body of the Razor looks like

Presenting the New Gillette Venus Breeze Razor

My thoughts on the Product

I was Super Excited to try it out as it sounds too good to be true.
But to my Surprise, just one Swipe of the Razor gave me a Clean, Smooth shave!
The Body of the Razor makes everything quick and easy in terms of manoeuvring.

Don't get me started on the Fragrance of the Gel bars! It has a Floral fragrance gives a very Pamper-y feeling while shaving.
All you have to do, is wet the skin and glide the razor along to get a Smooth, Close shave!

So, that was all about the New Venus Breeze Razor!
What new feature makes you like the product the most?

For me, it has to be the Gel Bars - they Rock!

Comment down your thoughts!!

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Hey Y'all

Welcome back to my Blog!

One of the things including in my definition of "Pampering" is Hair Removal
Once in a (long) While, I decide to go Hairless to make myself feel less of a (Lazy) Ape!

Here comes an Option of Either Shaving or Waxing
How many times have we said a big "NO" to shaving just because of the Myths surrounding it?

Today Lets Debunk them!
Recently, I got a chance to Attend "Subscribe to Smooth" Event by Gillette Venus, Joined by Actress Kalki Koechlin, Cosmetologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Celebrity Makeup Artist Namrata Soni.

It was an Amazing Event, where these ladies shared their Views on Shaving, Busted Myths around Shaving.

Check out all about the Event Here

So, lets get on to busting some Myths shall we?

Myth 1 : Shaving causes Hair to grow back Thicker than before

Nope, that ain't True ladies!!

Shaving chops away hair on the surface of the Skin leaving the Roots of the hair intact.
So, hair grows back from the chopped part.

Since the hair is continuing to grow from the chopped part, it feels to be thicker.
Because of this, we FEEL hair grows back FASTER and THICKER

where as

On waxing, the hair is Pulled from the Root.
So, it takes longer time for it to grow back and feels finer.

Myth 2 : Shaving causes Dark Armpits

How many of us started shaving using Men's Razor?
Yup, the used and about to be discarded razor we got from our Dad's, Brothers etc?
Using such tools for shaving causes "Razor Burns" and Irritated skin which makes the Skin look dark

When the right Equipment is used, which is designed with proper Technology when it comes to Blades, proper Lubrication for skin etc No Darkness of the Skin happens
So, Right equipment also matters a lot!

            Myth 3 : Shaving without water is Absolutely fine

Hell, No!

There are nicely engineered blades gliding on the Skin, so we need to provide proper lubrication!
Proper Shaving gels are a must to get a Smooth Shave

These gels make sure the much needed hydration is supplied to the skin
Shaving without these gels, or at least water will Irritate the skin and ruin the entire shaving Experience!

Myth 4 : Pressing the Razor on the Skin gives a closer Shave

Pressing the Razor meaning applying the Pressure on the Skin
Pressing a set of blades on the Skin, causes Irritation

An ideal shaving Equipment should be designed in way where no pressure has to be applied to get a Close shave
It should give a close shave without any pressing, irritating the skin
Remember, no pressing.

So, this is it.

I hope I was able to bust the Myths around Shaving for you all, Now we can go back to shaving without a worry in the World!
Which Myth shocked you the most? Let me know in the Comments below!

Stay tuned for my Next post :  All about the New Gillette Venus Brezze Razor!

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