REVIEW : 3 in 1 Mud Ash by Greenberry Organics

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Today's post is going to be Review of a very popular Skincare Product!

How many times has it been, that we had to pick separate products as Mask, Scrub and Cleanser for our Skin Care Routine?
Isn't it Tedious to analyse and pick out products that Suit and Work for us?

What if I tell you, there is a product which is 3-in-1 , and can be used as Mask, Scrub and a Cleanser?
Sounds pretty Awesome right?

The product is "3 in 1 Mud Ash" by GreenBerry Organics
This product has taken the market by the storm, so much that it was marked as a Best Seller on Amazon

This is how it looks

Price - INR 499
Shelf Life - 12 Months, To be Used in 6 months after Opening


It comes in a Simple, Hassle free Packaging
The tub has brief Information printed, Indicating it's a 3 in 1 Product and meant for Face
The Product is small enough to carry around in purses, pouches etc
So, it is travel friendly - Yay!
All details on the packaging are crisp and clear to Understand

Please find more details in Pictures Below


It smells a little chemical - y which I think fits the Theme.
If it Smelled flowery, it would have spoilt the theme of Mud Ash.
The fragrance is not strong and you won't feel it after product applied on Face.


It has an Ashy colour and comes in a thick Paste like Texture with tiny particles mixed into it.
These particles will help in exfoliation when the product is used as a Scrub.


It is super easy to apply and stings a little, but it means Mud Ash is doing its Magic
I love that this product does not stick to the face Tightly and Suck the moisture out of the face.
It is light on the skin, you can even smile without cringing in pain.
I also noticed that, it is very easy to remove this Mask after it has dried.
I usually need time to remove Masks that stick to the skin, but this once comes off easily.


Skin feels very very clean after using this product.
I remember sitting in front of the mirror after using this product, and my skin was Shining.
I wondered how was my face shining because I don't have Oily Skin
When I ran my hand on my Face, it slipped.
Yes, my hand slipped from my face : My skin was soo smooth and did not have bumps, boils which I usually have.
This Smoothness lasted for THREE days.

My suggestions for the Brand

Since this product is a little Expensive for the Quantity of the product,
I would suggest to make products with less Quantity and lesser price.
Also, it becomes easy to empty the product within Six months when Tub is Small.

Overall, I love this product.
It is Easy to use, does not suck Moisture and make skin feel super dry.
Also, Cleanses face very well.

I would say, it is a Must have in our Skin are Routine.

What are you thoughts about this product?
Do let me know in Comments Below!

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