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Today's post is about a product I'm loving lately, a beautiful product filled with Innovation

The Product is the Newly Launched "Gillette Venus Breeze Razor"

I have always opted for Shaving as it is hassle free, can be done all by yourself as opposed to going to the salon to get Waxing done.
So, being the Lazy person I am, I always like the Flexibility shaving gives.

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Gillette launched its Lavender coloured Venus Breeze Razor which is one step ahead of its Previous Blue Razor in terms of Innovation

Following are the Features of the New Venus Breeze Razor


Gillette has made shaving experience easier by adding Gel bars to the Razor Itself!
No need to remind ourselves to Pack the Shaving Gel anymore, The Razor + Gel bars combo makes shaving possible with just Water!

Gel Bars

These gel bars provide all the needed Lubrication to maintain smoothness of the Skin.
They are made of Body butters (Olive, Avocado and Kokum) and Glycerine to help retain Skin Moisture and are activated by Water.

Pivoting Rounded Head with 3 Blades

This design hugs curves and fits easily in to Hard-to-Shave Areas.
Also the flexible body of the Razor makes it's easy to shave even when you are in a Hurry.

Don't miss out on the Efficiency of the New Venus Breeze Razor!
It is very cool that just a Razor is enough to have Smooth and Quick hair Removal Process!

All about the Product

The Package Looks like this

The Razor body and Head (Blade + Gel Bars) come separately

This is how the body of the Razor looks like

Presenting the New Gillette Venus Breeze Razor

My thoughts on the Product

I was Super Excited to try it out as it sounds too good to be true.
But to my Surprise, just one Swipe of the Razor gave me a Clean, Smooth shave!
The Body of the Razor makes everything quick and easy in terms of manoeuvring.

Don't get me started on the Fragrance of the Gel bars! It has a Floral fragrance gives a very Pamper-y feeling while shaving.
All you have to do, is wet the skin and glide the razor along to get a Smooth, Close shave!

So, that was all about the New Venus Breeze Razor!
What new feature makes you like the product the most?

For me, it has to be the Gel Bars - they Rock!

Comment down your thoughts!!

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