REVIEW - Spinz EAU DE PARFUM in Bloom, Escape

Spinz Eau De Parfum
Hey Everyone!
Welcome back to another Review Post!

Who doesn't like Good Packaging?
Being a lover and hoarder of Beauty and Wellness Products I have come across different kinds of Packaging and have developed my liking and preferences of them.

Now, the Next Question is : Who doesn't like a Nice Smelling Perfume?
Even though I'm not a huge Deodorant /Perfume person, there are some days when I don't mind Smelling good and definitely enjoy the Overall feeling.

Now if we Combine Good Packaging + Good Fragrance, we get an Expensive bottle of Perfume!
Well, guess what I found? An affordable Option!

So Today's post is going to a Review of
EAU DE PARFUM (Perfume) by Spinz

It looks like this

Price :  INR 300 for 50ml
Shelf Life : is around 5 Years

I absolutely love how Elegant and Expensive this Product looks!
It has a Glass Body with 'Spinz EAU DE PARFUM' written on it

Since it has a Glass body, it must be handled with care and not convenient for travelling.
Details like Weight, Expiry date is clearly mentioned on the Bottle.
Its Cap is made out of Plastic and seems Secure.

It comes in three Variants.
I have Bloom and Escape for you guys today,

Bloom has a Sweet and Feminine smell to it
This Fragrance Instantly brightens up your Mood.

Escape has a very refreshing with a hit of Musky-ness to it
This will definitely make you feel Calmer.
Escape pics

Staying Power
To test out the staying power, I did Check-ins throughout the day.
It is not long lasting at all, it stays on 3 to 4 hours and after that starts fading away till only a faint fragrance remains.
It would have been Awesome if it was Long lasting though.
For a product this affordable, I think it did Okay.

Drop dead gorgeous Packaging
Very affordable as compared to other perfumes
Good variety of fragrances.
Performs okay when it comes to staying power.

Not very Long lasting
Its Packaging is of Glass bottle, which is not suitable for Travel and needs to be handled with care.

What I expect from the Brand
First of all, I would like to thank the Brand for coming out with this product!
I would love it if the Bottle was not made of Glass, so that it's easy to handle it.

Overall, I really liked this product.
 if you want an Okay performing Perfume with an elegant and very classy looking packaging which is Affordable, this product is right for you.

I must say, using this product does give some Classy/Diva like feeling.

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