REVIEW : Mummy Mud Mask by Aprilskin

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So, I had done a haul of Korean Makeup and Skin Care products from EarlyPicker.com a while back which made me Fall in love with Korean Beauty!

Along with every order, Early Picker sends good amount of Samples to try out, which includes Makeup and Skincare products!
That is how I got my hands on the Infamous : Mummy Mud Mask by Aprilskin
So, Let's get on to the Review of Mummy Mud Mask and see if they are worth the hype!

They look like this

Product link on Aprilskin Website - Mummy Mud Mask
More details are provided at this link

Price : 5$ for One Sheet Mask

1.       Remove Sebum and Dead Skin Cells
2.       Soften Skin and Radiant Complexion
3.       Skin Firming

They sent me three of these Masks along with a bunch of other stuff

Available at : EarlyPicker

The Outer Packet is Black and White with Mummy Mud Mask written.
On the Back, variety of details along with Instructions as to how to Use the mask is mentioned.

The Mask itself, comes in Two Parts and wrapped in multiple plastic layers to keep the Ash coloured Liquid intact.

How to Use
The Mask will first be in a Plastic Packet

On taking them out, you will see two parts of the Mask

The first Part will go on the Upper Part of the face, till the nose.
and the second Part after the first part, till the Chin

We are supposed to place the Mask one after the other and then peel off the plastic layers.
For my Face, the first Part of the Mask, fits okay, with a little excess material on the forehead.
And the second part of the Mask fits Perfectly.

The Mask sits firmly on the Skin, making it easy to go about your work without fussing over the Mask moving.

My Experience
The Masks are wet with Ash coloured liquid, and you can feel a slap of Cold on applying them.
The Coldness soothes the skin and feels very Good and Relaxing.
I keep the Mask on for about 20-30 minutes.

While drying, the Mask gets Harder and Firmer like a Dry Cloth.
When it's time to remove the Mask, it will be sticky and you will have to Peel it off.

Face will be covered with ashy patches, residue of the Liquid.
They can be washed off with just water.

The After affects
The Mask cleans the Face to give a Clear and Glowing Skin.
It is very Relaxing and Cools the Face.
It was hydrating on my Dry Skin and I freaking love this product.
And it does satisfy its Claims.

I use this Mask when I some time on my Hands, as it can get a little messy due to the Wetness of the Masks.
Your hands can get dirty due to the Ashy Liquid of the product.

I would highly recommend this product to all Skincare lovers, this is something you should definitely try!
What do you think about this Product?

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