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If you have been actively checking out my Instagram lately, you will know that I'm pretty obsessed with Candles at the moment.
By Candles, I mean : Absolutely Delightful Smelling, So pretty to light up you living room kind of Candles.
i.e. Candles from TheMaevaStore

Website - TheMaevaStore
Instagram - @TheMaevaStore

I recently got a chance to visit their office and I couldn't hold back my appreciative eyes as I scanned through their pretty Collection!

So, Let us explore their Collection in this post

I will be talking about three of their Collections, each catering to a different need.
They have many other Collections which are equally beautiful if not more!

The Diwali Collection
Diwali is a Festival of lights, and what other way of bringing light into this harsh world other than Diyas? - Candles!

TheMaevaStore understands that it is all about Colours and a hint of Gold during Indian festivals, hence they have made sure to represent that in this Collection
This collection is a bundle of different styles of Candles, all shining with lining of essence of Gold.

Some of my Favourites from Diwali Collection are...

The Get-Well-Soon Collection
How does a friend feel, in times of Sickness, when gifted with Candles that are so Soothing and Calming to make them forget their Woes?

That's exactly what TheMaevaStore has aimed to achieve in this Collection!
A set of Scented Candles, made with Citrusy Notes of Lavender Lemon to make sure it emits Calming Fragrances.
This will surely be an appropriate gift and shows that You Care.

Some of my Favourites from this Collection are...

The Birthday Collection
This Collection has the Infamous and Best Selling Vanilla Pound Cake Scented Candle!

A scent so Sweet, you are bound to get Addicted!
Me being its latest in its list of Admirers!
Imagine receiving this as a Gift on a Birthday, one is bound to feel Cherished!

Also, this available for every Zodiac Sign,a Thoughtful gift Isn't it?

That's not all, TheMaevaStore has many other Collections under its belt
To name a few : Christmas Collection, Wedding Collection, Everyday Essentials etc

So, that's all my Rant on these Gorgeous Candles!
What are your thoughts on them? Aren't they just irresistible?

Make sure to check their Website TheMaevaStore out for more Information
Their Instagram page @TheMaevaStore features best of their Collection.

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