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I have always been a person who makes note of tasks to be done.
I just have to function in a systematic and planned way, if not, I become restless.
Because of this, I always have a tiny book in hand, to jot down points and pending tasks.

It’s a Major Bonus if the Stationery Supplies are Cute.
I have always longed for Kawaii stuff easily available in Korea and other countries.

In my quest to find, Cute and Efficient Planner or Note Pad I researched the Internet.
And then found one by a Brand with the Quirkiest Name.

So, today let’s Review Bhasad Planner by Butterly yours

Price: INR 349


This is one of the Classiest Note Books/Planner I have ever come across!
The outer cover is made out of Faux Leather and has Border lining in White, which adds to the Classy-ness.
You can customize Color of the Cover from Options provided on the Website.
Also, on the lower right corner, Name can be embossed.
I Customized the Outer Cover to have Pink Color and Name as: TheAnvolyzer (My Blog Name)
The finished product looks Superb and is my favourite part about it.


On the Inside, A thick booklet is kept for use.
The paper is of good quality and quantity, so it will definitely last long.
On the bottom left of every page, lies website name and on bottom right lies Date field.


The Planner follows Stephen R Covey’s Time Management Matrix.
It’s basically division of tasks based on Urgency and Importance to improve productivity.
I had heard about this technique but did not apply it much in real life.
Now after applying it I’m sure I will not even look at another approach as this one is so effective!

My Experience

On using Bhasad Planner I have been able to make the best out of my time!
The time management technique is truly effective and has made my life so simple!
I love the fact that it is super handy, can be carried in Handbags etc.
Not only does it have more pages, it can be easily replaced by another booklet.
And not to forget: Its Super Cute!!

I would totally recommend this planner to people who wish to be productive.
To know more about the Planner or to buy – Bhasad Planner

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