REVIEW : Intenso Facial Cleanser by Esterella Professional - Normal / Dry Skin

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I really like products which smell good,
I Love products which smell good and can be used on face.
The products which fall into this category are Face Washes, Face Cleansers, Face Scrubs etc

But, I usually stay away from Face Washes/ Cleansers, and hesitate using them (I don’t have any hesitation in purchasing them lol)
With the fear that, they might make my Dry (Skin) Face even more dry.

I recently came across a Facial Cleanser for Normal / Dry Skin
I must say, I was pretty excited to test it out.

So, let’s Review

Intenso Lightening Facial Cleanser by Esterella Professional
for Normal / Dry Skin

Looks like this

Price : INR 349 for 200ml

Skin Type : Normal / Dry Skin


One of the things I love about this product is its Packaging!
It is Simple and Classy in the way it looks and works
Its outer cover is clear with a pump provided on top.
The liquid is green in color, which shows off nicely in the Clear Bottle.
Details like Skin Type for which its compatible, Manufacture Date, Expiry date, Ingredients list etc are clearly mentioned on the bottle.

The pump does not have a ‘Stopper’ to block the pump from getting pressed, so it will be tricky to use it while travelling.
Because of not having a stopper, if the pump gets pressed then there are chances that product will get spilled.

Fragrance and Consistency

It has a slightly thick consistency and very very small quantity is enough to get a good cleanse.
I love this about this product, a little goes a long way
The cleansing liquid is green in colour, but turns clear while actually using it.

Fragrance of this product seems Artificial and a little on the strong side, I would have preferred if it was mild
Initially it may seem a little Strong, but with multiple uses you get conformable with it.


I like to use the Intenso Facial Cleanser after a long day of Work, to thoroughly Cleanse my Face.
and it does just that!

It is super light on the Skin, Works quickly and does the Job Well.
It Smells great, lathers up nicely and Cleanses thoroughly.
After using this product, I'm left with a Happy Cleansed Face and Feeling very Refreshed.

I expected it make my skin feel dry, but it did not.
I just have a cleansed feeling and don't even have to apply moisturizer.
Since my skin has been not too dry lately, I'm skipping the Moisturiser
But I will definitely put on some Moisturiser if it feels too dry after using this product.

For people who have super dry skin, some moisturiser will be required after using the Cleanser, it varies from person to person.
I have been using the product for quite some time now, and did not face any issues with it.


Simple and Easy to handle
Does not dry out Skin
Cleanses Well
Light on the Skin
Makes you feel refreshed


Price is on the Higher Side
Might not the best for Travelling

Overall I really like this product, and look forward to using it daily.
I like that it does not dry out my Skin.

What are your thoughts on this product?

Would you give this product a Try? Comment Below!

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**PR Sample, Honest Review**

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