REVIEW : Customised Body Lotion from Freshistry.com - Lavender Amber

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Today’s Post is going to be on Skin Care.

Lately I have been obsessed with Body Lotions, in a City Bangalore where its always Cool/ Cold, us people with Dry Skin need to always have Moisturizers Handy.

The products I will be talking about today are from Freshistry.com

If you people checked out my previous posts, you will know that I talked about Freshistry, where you can Customise Skincare Products Online

From deciding on Extracts, Base, Color to selecting the Fragrance of your product, all can be done on this Website.

So let us see how my Customised Body Lotion – Lavender Amber fared.

This is how it looks

Price : INR 375


When I first saw the Curated product, I was quite disappointed with the Quantity provided for the Price.
I decided to go for Purple Tinge/Colour for the Body Lotion, but the product ended up looking Grey/Pale Blue

However, the Bottle is Travel friendly and not too Bulky.
It comes with a Cap style opener, should flick it open to get the product.

The label on the product provides all kinds of Info like Shelf life, Ingredients etc.
The Customized name which I chose for the Product, is displayed clearly and looks pretty good

Fragrance and Texture

The way Fragrance is put into this product is Quite interesting.
I chose to ‘Love and Roses’ Fragrance and was quite disappointed when it felt too mild when I sniffed it after taking a drop of product on my palm.

However, after application, the fragrance is not too mild anymore and is pleasant, which was a sweet surprise.
‘Love and Roses’ Fragrance is perfect for people who want Sweet, appropriately mild Fragrance.

The Texture is quite thick and settles deep into the Skin

Quality and Performance

Even though the quantity seems to be less for the Price, very minimal amount is required for a good moisturising session.
Since the texture is thick, this makes it perfect to use this product in winters when I need good Moisturising as I have dry Skin.

During summer, this might feel quite Sticky and Heavy.
I have not felt the need to moisturize again after hours of using the product, which means it's doing its job well.

My Experience

I had an amazing experiencing Customising the product.
Being able to choose what goes into the product and customising it to your exact needs is very Exciting.

The Website is very easy to Navigate and makes the entire process very Simple.
I'm very happy with the way the Final product has turned out and this product will always be a little special.


Ability to Customize the product exactly the way you want it.
Transparency maintained by the Brand.
Does exactly what it's supposed to.
Easy Navigation and Simple process.
Availability of Wide Range of Herbs, Extracts to suit everyone's Needs.


Expensive when compared to other products in the Market.
Short Shelf life can lead to product Wastage.
Lesser Quantity available as compared to its price.

Is it really worth it?

If you want the experience of customising your product just like the way you want, and don't mind the Splurge, then it's Worth it.

You will definitely get an exciting experience and a effective product for the Price Paid.

What are your thoughts on Freshistry?
Comment down below.


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