REVIEW : Butter and Mud Mask by Greenberry Organics

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It’s been a while since I reviewed a Face Mask.
Also I have been testing and loving a product by Greenberry Organics and had to review it for you guys!

And was super excited when I got to know about this product which is perfect for my Dry Skin.

Presenting you, Review of
Butter and Mud Mask by Greenberry Organics

It looks like this

Price : INR 850

For Skin Type : Normal to Dry/Sensitive Skin

It is said to be an Intense Therapy for Dry and Damaged Skin.
Made with Goodness of 8 Herbs
Paraben and Phthalates Free


Firstly, I found the Name "Butter and Mud Mask" to be very interesting and cool, I have never seen any product with this combination of Ingredients.

As always Greenberry organics kept the Packaging Simple and neat and let the product speak for itself.
I love the fact that all details such as Quantity, Skin Type, Ingredients etc are clearly visible in the packaging.


I'm in awe of the texture of this product, I have never seen a mask having this type of consistency!
Even though its nowhere mentioned that this is a gel based mask, its texture feels like it is.
Its gell-y and glides on super smooth.

I also found its Fragrance to be different and Quite Interesting!
It must be the Butter in it.


Glides on to the Skin smoothly and dries quicker than expected.
Unlike 3 in 1 Mud ash by Greenberry Organics this one does make the skin feel tight after drying, just like all other masks.

After applying, I felt some tingling and suction in dry parts of my face. Sometimes the tingling was so much that it hurt a little too.

Do not forget to wet the face before applying the mask.
I found the tingling was more when I applied the Mask on dry skin.

Once the mask is off, face feels Cleaner, Smoother and Brighter.
I easily get rashes on my face due to extreme dryness, I remember having them that day.
But, after using this Mask : My Face was so Clear and well Hydrated.

I always need to apply moisturiser every time I Wash/ Cleanse my face, my skin is that dry.
But this product hydrated my face so well that, I didn't even think about moisturiser!

What amazes me is, while the mask is drying, skin becomes more and more tight.
But as soon as the mask is washed off : you are greeted with a well hydrated face.
Such a contrast isn't it?

My thoughts on "Butter and Mud Mask"

If you haven't guessed it already : I Absolutely love this Mask!
I have to thank Greenberry organics for coming up with such an amazing product for us Dry Skin people!

I reach for this Mask very often and am amazed every single time!
Clear, Bright and well hydrated face is a deal no one should miss out on.

What did you think about this Product?
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