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            In this Busy Busy world, it is very common for people to Skip Breakfast in order to rush to Office/ any other Work!
As it is known, Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day, Skipping it can affect overall productivity throughout the Day.

So, I started my Quest to find a Healthy Drink for mornings when I have to rush to Office, In that Quest I came across Breakfast Drinks by Zago

They Look like this

The variants that I'm going to Review is Breakfast Shakes and Body Buddy Protein Drinks
The Break Fast shakes are made with Oats and come in various Flavours

Website : Zago

they are...

Breakfast Shakes with Oats in Almond
Breakfast Shakes with Oats in Mango

Body Buddy Protein Drink in Chocolate-Orange

It comes in a Quirky, Cylindrical Bottle.

The Cap is Sturdy and the Drink will be perfectly Sealed during Travelling etc
On opening the Cap, you will find Silver foil cover, which you need to break open.

My Experience

The foil is quite difficult to break
Even after breaking the Seal, you can carry it securely in your bag without worrying about leakage.
The quantity is decent, enough to fill you up.

The Almond one tastes absolutely amazing!
Its flavour is very Natural and delicious.

The Mango one is tastes Artificial but is still quite Tasty.

The Body Buddy Drink is a good one to gulp during Workouts
But I did not quite like the flavour - Chocolate Orange.

Overall I really liked these Drinks and can see myself opting for them on a regular basis.

Have you tried them yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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