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            In this Busy Busy world, it is very common for people to Skip Breakfast in order to rush to Office/ any other Work!
As it is known, Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day, Skipping it can affect overall productivity throughout the Day.

So, I started my Quest to find a Healthy Drink for mornings when I have to rush to Office, In that Quest I came across Breakfast Drinks by Zago

They Look like this

The variants that I'm going to Review is Breakfast Shakes and Body Buddy Protein Drinks
The Break Fast shakes are made with Oats and come in various Flavours

Website : Zago

they are...

Breakfast Shakes with Oats in Almond
Breakfast Shakes with Oats in Mango

Body Buddy Protein Drink in Chocolate-Orange

It comes in a Quirky, Cylindrical Bottle.

The Cap is Sturdy and the Drink will be perfectly Sealed during Travelling etc
On opening the Cap, you will find Silver foil cover, which you need to break open.

My Experience

The foil is quite difficult to break
Even after breaking the Seal, you can carry it securely in your bag without worrying about leakage.
The quantity is decent, enough to fill you up.

The Almond one tastes absolutely amazing!
Its flavour is very Natural and delicious.

The Mango one is tastes Artificial but is still quite Tasty.

The Body Buddy Drink is a good one to gulp during Workouts
But I did not quite like the flavour - Chocolate Orange.

Overall I really liked these Drinks and can see myself opting for them on a regular basis.

Have you tried them yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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Hey Everyone!
Welcome back to a brand new Post!

So, I had done a haul of Korean Makeup and Skin Care products from EarlyPicker.com a while back which made me Fall in love with Korean Beauty!

Along with every order, Early Picker sends good amount of Samples to try out, which includes Makeup and Skincare products!
That is how I got my hands on the Infamous : Mummy Mud Mask by Aprilskin
So, Let's get on to the Review of Mummy Mud Mask and see if they are worth the hype!

They look like this

Product link on Aprilskin Website - Mummy Mud Mask
More details are provided at this link

Price : 5$ for One Sheet Mask

1.       Remove Sebum and Dead Skin Cells
2.       Soften Skin and Radiant Complexion
3.       Skin Firming

They sent me three of these Masks along with a bunch of other stuff

Available at : EarlyPicker

The Outer Packet is Black and White with Mummy Mud Mask written.
On the Back, variety of details along with Instructions as to how to Use the mask is mentioned.

The Mask itself, comes in Two Parts and wrapped in multiple plastic layers to keep the Ash coloured Liquid intact.

How to Use
The Mask will first be in a Plastic Packet

On taking them out, you will see two parts of the Mask

The first Part will go on the Upper Part of the face, till the nose.
and the second Part after the first part, till the Chin

We are supposed to place the Mask one after the other and then peel off the plastic layers.
For my Face, the first Part of the Mask, fits okay, with a little excess material on the forehead.
And the second part of the Mask fits Perfectly.

The Mask sits firmly on the Skin, making it easy to go about your work without fussing over the Mask moving.

My Experience
The Masks are wet with Ash coloured liquid, and you can feel a slap of Cold on applying them.
The Coldness soothes the skin and feels very Good and Relaxing.
I keep the Mask on for about 20-30 minutes.

While drying, the Mask gets Harder and Firmer like a Dry Cloth.
When it's time to remove the Mask, it will be sticky and you will have to Peel it off.

Face will be covered with ashy patches, residue of the Liquid.
They can be washed off with just water.

The After affects
The Mask cleans the Face to give a Clear and Glowing Skin.
It is very Relaxing and Cools the Face.
It was hydrating on my Dry Skin and I freaking love this product.
And it does satisfy its Claims.

I use this Mask when I some time on my Hands, as it can get a little messy due to the Wetness of the Masks.
Your hands can get dirty due to the Ashy Liquid of the product.

I would highly recommend this product to all Skincare lovers, this is something you should definitely try!
What do you think about this Product?

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Hey People!
Welcome back to another Post

I really like products which smell good,
I Love products which smell good and can be used on face.
The products which fall into this category are Face Washes, Face Cleansers, Face Scrubs etc

But, I usually stay away from Face Washes/ Cleansers, and hesitate using them (I don’t have any hesitation in purchasing them lol)
With the fear that, they might make my Dry (Skin) Face even more dry.

I recently came across a Facial Cleanser for Normal / Dry Skin
I must say, I was pretty excited to test it out.

So, let’s Review

Intenso Lightening Facial Cleanser by Esterella Professional
for Normal / Dry Skin

Looks like this

Price : INR 349 for 200ml

Skin Type : Normal / Dry Skin


One of the things I love about this product is its Packaging!
It is Simple and Classy in the way it looks and works
Its outer cover is clear with a pump provided on top.
The liquid is green in color, which shows off nicely in the Clear Bottle.
Details like Skin Type for which its compatible, Manufacture Date, Expiry date, Ingredients list etc are clearly mentioned on the bottle.

The pump does not have a ‘Stopper’ to block the pump from getting pressed, so it will be tricky to use it while travelling.
Because of not having a stopper, if the pump gets pressed then there are chances that product will get spilled.

Fragrance and Consistency

It has a slightly thick consistency and very very small quantity is enough to get a good cleanse.
I love this about this product, a little goes a long way
The cleansing liquid is green in colour, but turns clear while actually using it.

Fragrance of this product seems Artificial and a little on the strong side, I would have preferred if it was mild
Initially it may seem a little Strong, but with multiple uses you get conformable with it.


I like to use the Intenso Facial Cleanser after a long day of Work, to thoroughly Cleanse my Face.
and it does just that!

It is super light on the Skin, Works quickly and does the Job Well.
It Smells great, lathers up nicely and Cleanses thoroughly.
After using this product, I'm left with a Happy Cleansed Face and Feeling very Refreshed.

I expected it make my skin feel dry, but it did not.
I just have a cleansed feeling and don't even have to apply moisturizer.
Since my skin has been not too dry lately, I'm skipping the Moisturiser
But I will definitely put on some Moisturiser if it feels too dry after using this product.

For people who have super dry skin, some moisturiser will be required after using the Cleanser, it varies from person to person.
I have been using the product for quite some time now, and did not face any issues with it.


Simple and Easy to handle
Does not dry out Skin
Cleanses Well
Light on the Skin
Makes you feel refreshed


Price is on the Higher Side
Might not the best for Travelling

Overall I really like this product, and look forward to using it daily.
I like that it does not dry out my Skin.

What are your thoughts on this product?

Would you give this product a Try? Comment Below!

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**PR Sample, Honest Review**
Hey Everyone!
Welcome back to a Brand New Post!

Since my Haul from Earlypicker.com, I got to play with Korean Makeup a lot!
And I must say, I’m obsessed and left wanting more!
To know what products I got, check out – My Early Picker Haul

In my Haul, Majority of products were Liquid Lipsticks including the infamous PeriPera Peri’s Ink the Velvet,
I had seen it before and couldn’t wait to try it out!!

So, here is my Review on the infamous
PeriPera Peri’s Ink the Velvet Liquid Lipstick

They look like this

This is link for the Product on PeriPera's Official Website - Ink Velvet
PeriPera's Website has all Information like Shade Names, Swatches etc
PeriPera Peri’s Ink Velvet has many Variants like Power Puff Edition, Ink Airy Velvet, Holiday Collection etc

The Shades that I picked out are

014 Beauty Peak Rose
006 Celeb Deep Rose

Price : 9$ to12 $
(This product is always on sale at Yesstyle.com)

Amount of Product : 8g

014 Beauty Peak Rose is an Orangish - Pink Shade

006 Celeb Deep Rose is a Copper - Brown Shade with Deep Pink Undertone.
I have observed that, after a while, this shade changes to a Deep Pink from Brown
Even though it is Gorgeous, I was disappointed as I expected the Brown to Stay.

The Packaging is what makes this product so Unique and Of course freaking Cute!
It comes in a Quirky cover which has Brand Name and Product Name written on it.

All details on the Outer Cover is written in I believe, Korean Language.

It is made up of Cylindrical bottle and a cap for it with a tiny holder on top.

The Bottle says PeriPera Peri’s Ink the Velvet clearly and is Quite Tiny to look at.
It is Super handy and very easy to carry around, making it my most favourite product for Travelling.

My Experience
Most of Korean Liquid Lipsticks are very sheer in texture but this one is not, and I like that about it.
It is not too thick nor watery, just the right consistency and Completely Opaque.
It has a super cool applicator, which makes it super easy to use and coats lips evenly with product.

One coat of product is enough to bring beautiful color to the lips.
I was tempted to go for second coat, but when I did, the product felt too thick.
So, I would suggest to not layer the lipstick on too much.
It is very comfortable on lips and feels like Second Skin!

Since the consistency of the product is not watery, it may feel a little thick on application if not applied in the correct way.
So, I tried few different ways and came up with the best one.

So here it goes...
Coat bottle lip completely with product and rub lips together.
Later go back and fill the gaps in upper lip.
This will give a even and comfortable coating on lips without making it too heavy/ Thick

Staying power
On Application, the product takes a second to dry, after which it turns to a very Comfortable powder Matte Finish.
Staying power of this product is very very good.

As long as lips are not rubbed, even with a good greasy lunch, the product will manage to stay.
Even though the lipstick fades away throughout the day, it stains the lips heavily which locks the color.
It stains the lips so well that, I have seen the residues of lip colour even next day.

I’m the kind of person who is lazy enough to not carry the lipstick of the day for touch ups,
So the fact that I will have color on my lips till the end of the day makes me very very happy.

006 Celeb Deep Rose is my Favourite

A Pic of my Bare Lips

Disclaimer : As I was having not so good Skin when I took Lip swatch Pics, I have used blur filter in below Pics.

This is how 014 Beauty Peak Rose looks on my Lips
As you can see, it looks like a Coral shade in first shot, but is actually a cool toned and very Pretty Pink Colour
This is how 006 Celeb Deep Rose looks on my Lips
In the first shot, the Shade appears brown and later turns to deep Pink after a while, as seen in Second Pic. 

Overall, I really like this product and always end up choosing it on a daily basis.
On one hand, I don’t want to use it up completely and on the other, I can’t get enough of it.
I better stock up on these as I can see myself running out of these very soon!

I would highly recommend this Lipstick to anyone who is curious about Korean Makeup as it is such a good product!
I got mine from EarlyPicker.com

What did you think of this product?
Isn’t the Packaging just freaking Cute?

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**PR Sample, Honest Review**