Raksha Bandhan Contest with IGP.com #IGPSiblingRivalry [CLOSED]

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What better time than Raksha Bandhan for a Giveaway!
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Question 1

Tell me in the Comments below, A Fight to Remember which you had with your Sibling
Use the Hashtag : #IGPSiblingRivalry
You can give your Answer till Monday Evening (31st July)
You can also post your Answer on Social media (Not Compulsory)
The Best Answer Wins

Question 2
Tell me in the Comments below, A Gift to Remember which your Sibling gave you!
Use the Hashtag : #IGPSiblingRivalry
You can give your Answer till Tuesday Evening (1st August)
You can also post your Answer on Social media (Not Compulsory)
The Best Answer Wins
You have to follow all the rules, if you miss even 1 Rule, your answer wont be considered.

Follow all the rules and ask me if you have any doubts 


  1. #IGPSiblingRivalry my brother who is way taller and stronger than me. So usually it's me who ends up crying. We fight for every silly reason like..He is nothing but a filthy theif who never misses a chance to steal my chocolates! I catch him red handed and boy! IT’S A WORLD WAR!Every night when I come school and I’m tired, all I want is to sleep, resting my head on mom's lap. He will pull my hair/cheeks and find every way to annoy me till I lose my patience and slap him hard! And yeah again the World War begins..These were just few of the instances. We fight like cats and dogs running around everywhere in the house, throwing things at each other. Sometimes we become so violent that mom has to play the role of a referee and handle the matte

  2. #IGPSiblingRivalry Me n my brother fight alot n it's for silly reasons n our fight r mostly funny.. N one of d fight i remember is when i ws in class 4 n my brother ws in class 2 our mother bought some chocolates n candies for us n he kept everything in refrigerator n i ate a toffee called Poppims n he cried sooo much dat y did u ate my toffee n till nw he says aapne meri toffee khae thii u finished ur's and ate mine too๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚☺️ our fight makes us love eachother more... Thnx for such an amazing contest...

  3. #IGPSiblingRivalry I am blessed with my brother who is younger to me. I still remember the day he was born, so small, so sweet, just like a bundle of soft cotton. When we grew up a little more, the little fights gradually turned to bullying each other and pulling each other’s legs. Given a chance, it was fun to pull each other’s legs. Going to school and back was real fun with all the pranks that we used to play around with the people we met and with friends together, it was the best of times. Time has changed; we have been into more responsible and busy lives. Yet we find time to catch up once in a while and brush up our old memories. No matter what, my brother is certainly a gift sent from God to me and I treasure this gift more than any other valuable gift. He is sweet, cute, naughty, irritating, short-tempered, yet he is my little brother who would stand with me, even when the entire world would be against me. “Te Amo Hermano” (Love you Brother)

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