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In Today’s post, let’s talk about Skincare!
And when I say Skincare, I mean Customised Skincare
So, recently I came across a Website that said these Words.
Words like Fresh, Customised, Skincare, were flashing all around the Website.
This got my Quirky Self very excited and I started digging more about the Brand.

About the Brand

The Website I’m talking about is www.Freshistry.com

Freshistry gives us Skincare lovers the freedom to Customise our products Online.
Every product you order is customised according to your liking and brewed freshly, just for you!

By customising, I mean : Getting to Select the Base, the Extract, the Fragrance, the Colour/ Tinge etc. of your  product.

You even get to Name the product to whatever you like!
Now how cool is that?

How it Works

On Freshistry.com, Currently Skincare products like Creams, Facial Cleansers, Lotions and Hair Cleansers can be Brewed.

The Process of curating a Product includes, first selecting your Skin/Scalp type, then Base of the product, followed by Extract, Tinge, Fragrance and finally the Name for it.

Customise a Product For you

Choose Skin/ Scalp Type
The Skin type is generally Dry, Oily, Normal for Lotions and Cleansers with T-Zone being an addition to Creams.

Choose Extracts
There are wide range of Extracts to choose from example : Lavender, Lemongrass etc
Each extract add some properties to the product like Preventing premature Ageing, Moisturising, treating acne etc
Explanation of those are provided clearly and it helps in Customising the product to ones needs.

You can even create a Fresh Potion by selecting some of the Special Herbs, these Potions are sent separately in a Little Bottle.

Choose Tinge/Colour
Add that much needed Pop of Colour to your product with wide range of Colour Selections Available!
Be it Yellow or Pink, Orange or Grey, even Transparent, All options are available!
Choose Fragrance
Like your products with an Earthy fragrance, fear no more!
You have Options like Musky, Earthy, Arabian etc to choose from!

  Choose Name
Your product, your Curation so you get to choose the Name!
You can have your Name on it or Dig up an extravagant Name which you want, freshistry gives you this Sweet Freedom!

My Experience with Freshistry

I got to try out two of Freshistry products – A Body Lotion and Face Cleanser.
I will sharing with you how I curated them and what name I chose for them.

Lavender Amber
The first product which I customised for myself is Body Lotion.
There are three options for Base, I selected ‘Body Lotion’
I chose the ‘Lavender’ for extracts as it makes skin Firm.
For Tinge, I decided to go for Purple
And for Fragrance, I chose ‘Love & Roses’
For Name, I did quite the Research and took Inspiration from numerous names from Bath and Body Works products and came up with : Lavender Amber

Pink Blossom
The next product I customised was a Face Cleanser.

I went ahead with ‘Gel Base with Exfoliant’ for Base.
For Extract, I chose ‘Lemongrass’ as it gives radiance to Skin.
For Tinge, I chose the Pink Colour
As I wanted a Cleanser to feel refreshing, I chose ‘Fresh Summer Mint’ as Fragrance.
I used similar process for Naming and Chose Pink Blossom as Name.

So, this was my Experience with www.Freshistry.com
It was a pleasant experience getting to curate the product all by myself.
Detailed Reviews of Each product coming up soon.

Stay tuned to know if these products are worth Investing.
If you have any doubts about Curating products or any other queries, don’t hesitate to ask.

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