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Today's Post is going to be on Home Decor / Interior Decoration.
I don't know about you people - I can spend hours surfing through Drool worthy Decor Pics!!

Pinterest and Tumblr are so much Home Decor #Goals, I can't even tell you! 
A lot goes on into Interior/Home Decor, from Fabrics, Furniture, Lighting to Faux Plants, Show Pieces and Candles - Home decor is Vast.

Today I will be talking about Candles.

I stumbled upon a Brand on Instagram, which specializes in Handmade Candles used for Decor Purpose.
These Candles not only are Uniquely Beautiful, each one of them come with a Story.

Let me Introduce you to :  Chimera Candles

About the Brand

Chimera Candles, Combines the love for Literature, Music and Travel along with relevant Social Issues mixed with wax to create one of Kind Candles.
Each candle is Unique and has a Theme or a Certain Inspiration.

For Example : There is this Series of Candles called Sunken City based on the Impact of Global Warming and how certain cities like Venice will soon be submerged under Water.

Ingredients used

Primarily Gel Wax and Sometimes Paraffin Wax.
Along with these - Plastic Miniatures, Accessories from Wood, Paper, Decorative Stones are added.

Variety of Products

Majority of the Candles are made from Gel Wax as it allows much more room for Experimentation as compared to other kinds of Wax.
However, Master pieces have been made using Paraffin Wax combined with Gel Wax as well.

Do we Burn them or Not?

Gel wax is Safe to burn, but it depends on the materials used inside the Candle also.
Candle can be Burnt if the Pebbles and Stones are used.
If Plastic, Wood or Paper is used, the Candle can only be used for Decorative Purposes.

Now that all the Important info is covered, let's get on to the part where we talk about how beautiful they look.

I have two Masterpieces with me to show case to you....

Beauty in Magenta

This piece depicts the life of a Caterpillar, which gets transformed in to Butterfly instantly, without any wait.
The wait time is skipped and makes the observer wonder - what would have happened if the same is applied in real world?
Beautiful Flowers, pebbles sure make up the theme.

Mini Candle in Yellow

Depicts the childhood memories of every adult, nostalgia hits recalling memories of going to school, spending quality time with parents, Playing with pets etc
The hustle and bustle of the real world is well showcased.

Aren't these beauties Intriguing?
They definitely urge us to take a break and dwell in the beauty of life - Also, they look good in every angle!

So, head on to Chimera Candle's Instagram Page and get lost in the World of Beauty and Thoughtfulness.

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