Review: Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask by Skin18.com

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Today I'm here to talk about Korean Skincare.

I always used to hear about it, how cute the packaging of the products are, how different they are compared conventional skincare products etc

But never got a chance to try them out as they are not easily available in India.

But not anymore, Skin18.com is a website that houses huge amount of Korean Skincare products which are so pretty, affordable and have products for all needs!!

Today I will be reviewing

Four Season Multi Vita Brightening Active Mask by Skin18.com

Skin18.com gives freebies with order and conducts HUGE giveaways once in a while and the prizes will be soo good!!

I was very happy to find out such a place where there products for every single need, and you know how serious Koreans are about Skincare!! :D

It looks like this

Price: $1.60 USD 
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  • The packaging consists of a Yellow Packet with attractive graphic design. 
  • The Back of the Packet has all the necessary instructions like, How to use, Ingredients etc
  • Inside the packet is a white mask filled with good amount of "special" liquid
  • The mask is soo wet that it will be dripping with "special" liquid, which is great!
  • Any information related to the product can be found on their  website (link mentioned above)

My Experience

  • Even thought I had an idea about how effective Korean Skincare products are, I never expected this kind of an effect on my skin.
  • I never thought one mask could make such a difference in my skin
  • I wore the mask,It was wet with the special liquid so it stuck nicely on the face.
  • I left it on for 15 minutes. I was very tired when I put this on mask actually and was not taking care of my skin for a while now.
  • Since the mask is very wet, it hydrates the skin very well, it soothes the skin so so much.
  • It feels like a wet cloth on my face, but you can feel yourself relaxing.
  • When I removed the mask, I felt refreshed, skin was softer, smoother and Face was glowing!!
I highly recommend this face mask to every single person because it works like a gem!!

You get so much out of this one simple mask!!

  • if you find excess liquid dripping from the mask...collect it. 
  • After using the mask once, don't throw it out. 
  • Next time use the collected liquid and dip the mask in it and use the mask second time :D

  • Inexpensive
  • Hydrates and Brightens Face
  • Can be used again
  • Very relaxing
  • Soothing

It is one of the best gift to your Wife/ Friend/ Girlfriend.

This mask is so good that, men, women, any person who wants to relax and treat their skin at the same time can use it.

So what did you guys think about this products?
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****Samples received for PR purpose but it is a Honest Review****