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Today's Post is all about an event I attended Recently.

I was Invited to the "Subscribe to Smooth" Event by Gillette Venus joined by Actress Kalki Koechlin, Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Celebrity Makeup Artist Namrata Soni

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Who Doesn't like Smooth, Hairless Skin?
More often than not we ladies rush to the Salon to get our hair waxed!
Well, there is another alternative to Waxing and some of us have been staying away from it because we hear a LOT of things about it

This Event by Gillette Venus was successful in clearing all of my doubts and apprehensions about Shaving!

The Event was held at "The Oberoi Hotels" in Bangalore and the Ambience was Lovely!

A huge Gillette Venus Breeze Prop sure put everything in Context!

The Event Started off with the lovely Anchor Kavea R Chavali talking about all the hassles we ladies face regarding hair removal and made every one of us Grin widely with her Quips!

She shared how she always thought that Shaving caused darker and thicker hair and some other Shaving Myths.

The Gorgeous Kalki Koechlin was soon Welcomed in to the Event and she entered like a Princess - Glowing and Lovely!

Kalki was quick to Express how she prefers shaving as she is on the go all the time!
She also joked about the Giant Razor Prop saying she might need it when she is Pregnant.

A panel Discussion with Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Kalki Koechlin and Namrata Soni was held where all of our Myths related to Shaving were Cleared
Also, the Technicalities of the Newly Launched Gillette Venus Breeze Razor was discussed

How the Quality and Functionalities of the Blade were Increased after thorough Research by the Innovation Team

How the new Razor does not need any Foaming gel as Lubricant.

Topics like Razor Burns, How often to shave, using the right tool etc were also discussed.

All the panel member discussed what they liked the most about Gillette Venus Breeze Razor,

Namrata was quick to say her favourite thing about the Razor is  not having to use any Shaving gel, which Rashmi Seconded

Kalki's favourite thing is the Flexibility of the Razor, she can shave any part of the body easily and quickly as she was always in a hurry.

All in all, it was a Fun and very Informative Session where we busted the myths regarding shaving and go to know about innovation of Gillette Venus Breeze Razor.

I will be making detailed posts about Busting Myths about Shaving and All about the new Gillette
Venus Breeze Razor separately so stay tuned that those!

Thank you for Reading.

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