Review: Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

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Hey guys! Welcome back!

Do you know what a bath salt is?
Don't you think "Bath salt" sounds so fancy and luxurious? 
 It feels like a product to pamper yourself with right?
Well I think so too!

Today I will be reviewing Bath salt by Fushia Skin care range by Vkare Bio Sciences in the variant ---> Lavender Florets

As I have never used bath salts, this was a interesting experience for me.

I was very thrilled to try this product out as it screams "pampering yourself" and I'm always game for that :)

One of the best thing is that I don't have to worry about Side affects on my skin because, these are Natural Handmade Bath Salts made with variety of minerals which are soothing for our skin.

REVIEW Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

Few Questions before diving into my review

So, what are bath salts?
Bath salts are crystalline powder like substances that are dissolved into water to perfume it.

How to use bath salts?
There are several ways of using bath salts, 
  • For bathing 
  • As a scrub
  • For cleansing etc (will be explained in detail later)
Without Further Ado, lets review our Lavender Florets Bath salt

This is how it looks: 

REVIEW Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

REVIEW Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

REVIEW Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

Price: INR 225 for 50gm/1.76 oz 
Available on FlipKart --> Bath Salt in Lavender

REVIEW Fushia by Vkare BATH SALT in Lavender Florets & Swatches

  • Fine Light blue crystal powder which has light gravelly texture to give the perfect exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
  • Its also has some darker crystals that add to the overall looks.

  • It has a very pleasant, soothing fragrance which is neither too strong not very light!
  • This is very important as this is what makes or breaks a product, too strong fragrance is a big turn off.

Alright, lets go into more detail

*How to use it for bathing 

 To try this product out, I used about two hand fulls of bath salt into my bath tub or any source of water and stirred the water to dissolve the bath salts.

It lead to this amazing fragrance wafting all around creating a soothing ambiance and also perfumed the water.

Once you are sure that all the bath salts are dissolved and happy with the quantity of bath salt used you are good to go!

Depending on how strong fragrance you want, you can add more or less bath salts in to water.

*How to use it as a scrub

Now a days, I have too try hands. So dry that It irritates me a lot. So I used these bath salts a scrub just for fun.

Use a small quantity of bath salt in you hand, add water and make it a thick paste.

Apply it to the area you want to exfoliate and tadda! you have smoother hands and they also smell good!

  • Good quality
  • Handmade and Natural
  • Affordable
  • Good quantity
  • Great fragrance
  • Since its in a tub format, its not convenient to put our wet hands inside to get more powder or whatever, but its manageable.

Overall I think its a cool product, to use to pamper ourselves after a tired day of work at an affordable price.

It also helps that its Natural and Handmade so we don't have to worry about anything.

*What other products by Fushia vkare do you love? Comment, I would love to know!

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****Samples received for PR purpose but it is a Honest Review****

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