#part1 How I received Free Samples from HIMALAYA HERBALS!!!

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Samples in India? Beauty samples?.....Yup!

This post is all about how one tiny hesitant email got me decent amount of beauty related samples from our beloved herbal brand HIMALAYA HERBALS!
How I received Free Samples from HIMALAYA HERBALS!!!

So yeah, I love free stuff, I mean who doesn't? That too beauty samples?....Hell yeah!!

Distributing samples to gain popularity and for promotional reasons is very common in the west, but in India? not so much. Or that's what I thought. Boy was I wrong.

I tried all the available methods, kept track of websites where sample adds get posted, Newsletters etc
But all this can be very exhausting you know....and also
takes time.

I love HIMALAYA HERBALS...like loads and loads and loads. I have been using their products from a long time. They provide great quality products at reasonable prices. They are a herbal brand, which is great!!!

So how it happened....

One day, as I was lounging around, hogging food...I decided why not try reaching out to them personally.

So I wrote an email talking about how I love their products and asked them to send me some samples, clicked send and completely forgot about it. I mean, such a big company dealing with such a huge client base, responding to a weak sample request email? Highly Unlikely!

But, I was wrong. Within a day I got a response saying they appreciate my feedback and asked me to give my mail address so that they can send some samples!!!!!!


After a day of giving my Mail information, came a bunch of stuff from Himalaya herbals!....It was so quick and decent number of products too!

Mind you, I asked for samples as a customer....Not even as a blogger. They could have easily ignored my request, but they didn't and that's what makes customers happy and be loyal to the brand. So this is how I received some awesome samples.

Update:Want to know how I approached Himalaya herbals?

Go here ---> How to email companies asking for samples

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*Want a haul of my products?, please comment I will surely post about it.

*Want to know how I approached Himalaya herbals?
 Let me know I will tell you how to write an email to companies asking for samples.

*Have you received samples like this from any other brand? 
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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way, It merely states my appreciation towards this brand.

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