5 Types of Handbags Every Woman Should Own

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Today’s post is not my usual one, I think you guys will like it anyway.

So, we ladies have a LOT of options to choose from, so much that we often get overwhelmed.
This point applies to almost all things woman, be it Fashion, Make Up, Skin care etc

This is applicable to Fashion Accessories as well, I’m talking about Hand Bags
We have so many Styles, Shapes, Designs when it comes to Hand Bags that we often get confused which to buy.

No need to worry, cause today's post is all about Hand Bag essentials.
A list of Hand Bags every woman’s closet should have for all of her needs.

Here is a break down of Hand bag must haves according to the occasion.

Formal - izing

Every woman will agree that, having a Formal Hand Bag which screams Class and Business is a necessity.

You need to own at least one Formal bag no matter if you are a working woman or not.

You could be a Home maker attending a PTA Meeting of your kid, an Entrepreneur meeting Potential clients, a Working woman rocking it in the corporate world, you will need a Formal Hand Bag.

Here are some of my picks of Classy Formal Hand Bags

That Pop of Color

Every once in a while, we ladies end up donning an outfit which looks plain over all, or the standard Black on Black outfit.

Now, we all have heard that “Life is too short to wear Boring clothes”, so letting that outfit be boring is not acceptable, so what can be done to make us look amazing?

Hand Bags, yup they are a great way to add that Pop of colour which will make our over all outfit look super cool and trendy.

Here are  some of my Picks

Bohemian Casual

Bohemian style has made all the girls fall in Love.
It is super easy to style them as they go so well with all kinds of outfits.

It is very popular among College going girls, where they rock Kurthi’s and Boho Bags together.

Kurthi + Jhumkha + Kajal and a bag like these is a staple casual outfit chosen by Bubbly girls.

Here some of my Picks of these Boho Bags

The Serious Shopper

Nothing says Serious Shopper like the bag I will talk about next

It is a must have for going on street shopping spree at numerous street shopping markets.

This bag is perfect for carrying all our purchased items which will be a lot because who has self control at these places?

You don’t have to worry at all about managing a lot of carry bags because this bag has place for everything.

Trendy + Quirky

The next Hand Bag I’m talking about is my Favorite kind

These are perfect for people like me who want to look trendy but also have a LOT of things to carry

Bags like these looks Classy and is spacious too.
So we can store all our necessary items and also not compromise on style.

Here some of my Picks

There are many more Designs and Styles available to make the Shopaholic in us happy, these 5 styles are what I believe are most essential.

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  1. Nice! I want to get all of these! :D Even though I have some of these styles!

  2. Hey,This newspaper printed bag is really amazing and also would like to buy this sophisticated bag.

    Shifa Godil

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