8 types of Footwear Every Woman Should Own

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Must have Footwear that every Diva should have in her Closet

Ah Wedges, these are every woman's necessity when it comes to Footwear

I bet every female has at least one Wedge Sandal in their Closet

This tops the cheat sheet of Heels, followed by Platform shoes

Meaning, Wedges look great and are super comfortable which makes them popular among ladies
So no need to worry about those high pointed heels and their pain

Keep calm and done a pair of cute Wedges

Ballerinas are every girls first love when it comes to footwear

They are of perfect shape, which suit feet the most
Flat with no heels, so ideal for everyone and for every occasion

Come in a variety of designs and very easy to style
What more could a woman want

This explains why there still in trend even after all these years
Ballerinas are Top in the Footwear Classics List

High Heels

"Oh My Goodness, I need it in my Life"
is a thought that goes through our head, every time we come across some Stylish and Fabulous High Heels

I mean who doesn't love them, you don't have to compulsorily wear them often to love them

I love high heels, the aura they create, the confidence they provide, yet I don't done them regularly and save them for special occasions

Well this is my personal choice, which may not match with yours, but who cares?

We love High Heels and that is what matters Isn't it?


Boots give some serious Glam to any outfit
Be it Rocking the Edgy look or Working the Country Vibe, A pair of Boots do it all

These are in Major trend right now and are spotted among stylish youngsters

I think its high time, we acknowledge their awesome-ness and invest on them
Lace Up

 Lace Up Canvas shoes are a huge hit currently
Those Sneaker Shoes in white which go with every outfit is the Bomb in Fashion

Gold, Rose Gold, Black versions of the same are making it big in the market

It is safe to say that they are here to stay


Loafers were very much in trend in 2016
and I'm hoping this continues this year too, cause I'm in Love with them

They come in variety of designs apart from the classics

Sporty, Formal, Printed Loafers are some of the Variations

They are best for both Casual and Formal occasions depending on their designs

Hint of Gold

The saying "Old is Gold" should be changed to "New is Gold"

Seriously, Gold is making it big in Footwear section and the trend is spreading fast

Majorly popular in Slip-Ons, Gold is seen shining
If you are wondering to spice up that boring outfit, you know what to choose

Raw Beauty

At the end of the day, no matter how glam we go for, we cannot fail to appreciate Raw beauty

The Beauty of Handmade Footwear with Ethnic and Traditional designs makes any one gasp

Kolhapuris and Juttis are perfect example of such art
Very much in trend and loved by the masses, it is essential to invest on them

So, which among the 8 types is your favourite?
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