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Hey Everyone!
Welcome back, how are y’all doing?

Today’s post is going be a Haul.
Get ready to drool on some eye catching fashion accessories.

This post is all about my Experience at ClairesTrinklets Web Store.

Hope you like it, continue for more.

About Brand

It is an Instagram Store that sells High Quality Gym Wear, Fashion Accessories 

like Jewellery, Hand Bags, Chokers ,Watches etc.

They have a Website also, where all collection is put up and can be shopped.

Products I received

Studded Chocker

Choker is one of the biggest Fashion Trends.
It called be one of the trends which become famous the fastest

Girls, young women all are found sporting this trendy fashion piece every day.

This piece is trendy and also different one from what we find in markets.
The pretty green studs add that much needed oomph factor.

Minion Key Chain

Who doesn’t like Minions?
Since “Despicable me” released, the whole world fell in love with them.

They are everywhere!
They are on Phone Cases, Apparels, Toys, Games and Cakes too!

So I had to get a Minion Key Chain, don’t you think it’s cute?
There are many similar one’s available


I liked to collect cute little charms, but it is hard to find them.

Also what I have seen in many places is that, they won’t be in the color I want.

Either they look used or they won’t have the design I want.

But I was able to find a LOT of cute Charms at this Store.

Floral Head Band

I had been searching for a Head band that looks cute when worn.

But the one’s I was getting in the market was for kinds and just couldn’t use them.

The one I got is of good quality, can be worn by adult without looking like and kid and Floral!

So, this was my experience.
Hope you liked it. 

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